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Rename the street of the Russian embassy to Ukraine street

Living away from Ukraine, it is sometimes hard to know how to support the people under attack. However, there is one way you can support Ukraine in spirit. You can rename Russian embassies’ and consulates’ addresses to Ukraine streets. This would be a simple but significant act of symbolic support for the courageous Ukrainian people who defend the values of freedom and democracy from one of the strongest military powers in the world.

Russia with its leader Vladimir Putin demonstrates quite poor historical knowledge about Ukraine. Russia seems to forget that Ukraine is a sovereign state. Walking down Ukraine Street to their embassies and consulates, Russian diplomats and citizens worldwide would get a great daily reminder of Ukraine's sovereignty.

We call for global solidarity and address officials, mayors, activists, and citizens to initiate and support the renaming of the streets with Russian embassies and consulates into Ukraine Streets all over the world!

At 5 am on February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a devastating attack on 41 million people of Ukraine. This has become the most shocking and brutal event on the European continent since World War II. Today, people of various professions are being armed to patrol the streets and protect their native cities, thousands are drafted into the Armed Forces of Ukraine, millions have become volunteers – the whole nation of Ukraine is fighting for its freedom against Russian aggression.

Sign a petition for your city and support Ukraine – the homeland of people with unyielding, indomitable spirit and free will!

Three steps to rename

first step

Find below and sign the petition for your city. Or let us know if you want to create a new petition for a different city

first step

Share it with your friends and local community and invite them to sign as well

first step

Contact your municipality and appeal to rename the street

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